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We match talented speakers with businesses and organizations that value new perspectives and knowledge.

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A great speaker makes the difference between a boring lecture and an unforgettable, life-altering experience.

We serve businesses, schools, and organizations to provide top level presenters that will leave lasting impressions.  Our speakers are masters at motivation and inspiration who will move your audience with stories of incredible experiences, conquered adversity, and life lessons.

Our speakers also provide professional training and educational clinics in a variety of fields.  Your team is sure to be motivated toward positive change after attending one of these sessions.

Make your upcoming event or educational series impactful and inspiring. 

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Featured Speaker:  Celso Pacheco

Featured Topics:


Military Leadership vs. Civilian Leadership


  • Since 1775 the Army has been the cornerstone of the military's finest traditions  providing leaders for the world's most difficult and arduous campaigns.  Processes, procedures and structure are the foundation of conducting daily business in the military compared to our civilian counterparts who must rely on a more fluid decision making process.   Understanding two different cultures of leadership with multiple leadership styles and principles can help in designing a model framework where small business and corporations can draw from to improve the workplace climate. 


Veteran Affairs


  • Veterans unfortunately have not received the treatment/care they have earned based on their sacrifices.  There are several advocacy groups across the nation aimed at assisting Veterans with better pay, health care, rehabilitation, work placement and much more.  As the grandson of a WWII Veteran and nephew to a Vietnam Veteran, I have worked in groups and councils to ensure that past generations are not left to fend for themselves.  Discussing the issues from our legacy Veterans and addressing the current issues, can help bring awareness to the community, which in turn brings it to the attention of elected officials who can assist in the processes. 


PTSD: The affects it has on transition and family


  • Post-traumatic stress is difficult enough to have to endure on its own, but when it is shared by a family it becomes an even greater issue that can lead to worse mental health problems for all involved.   As a former Soldier combating PTSD, I've authored a book to bridge the community and our Veterans who suffer from this trauma, so that a basic understanding can be made on how it affects not only the Veteran but the entire family as well.  The story follows a young Soldier from his childhood, to the days he deploys, finds love and happiness, but then all is brought to a screeching halt when he realizes that he is unable to function as he did before.  This creates a stressful environment for him and his young wife, who looks for answers to help, but continues to weigh heavily on both through the entire process.  There is no happy ending but the continued struggle and the continued efforts based on faith and love to see them through this. 


Leadership Development


  • Leadership Development can be compared to weight lifting, jogging and exercising.  We will do everything we can in order to strengthen our bodies, get tighter abs or bigger muscles with the help of supplements, coaches, gym memberships and more.  Why don't we do the same for our leadership strengths and weaknesses?  No one person is the perfect leader, manager or director, but there are some out there who take the necessary steps to improving their skills.  Taking lessons from past leaders, and lessons learned from current leaders, we can use tools designed to help improve how we interact with subordinates, motivate, direct, inspire and overall accomplish our different tasks.  Not all persons are created the same, but in the end we all want and need to accomplish what is necessary in our workplace.


Team Building


  • In order to be a successful leader in any organization you must have first been part of a team comprised of different personalities and different ways of critically thinking through a process.

Presentation Topics




  • Conscious Intelligence:  What is a person thinking while you are talking, and how to build trust and share success

  • Community Partnerships:  Best ways for your business to partner with your community

  • How to have professional board meetings and reach your goals

  • Business Development:  Increase sales, encourage business development, and ensure progress is on course

  • How to Become an Entrepreneur

  • How to Own a Franchise

  • Branding Your Business:  from the man who branded "Give for Life"

  • Preparing for Success with Passion

  • Organizing Your Home and Office

  • Enhancing Your Innovative Edge:  Growth and Performance

  • Lead Change Without Authority

  • How to Replace Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm

  • How to Give a Killer Presentation

  • How the Best Senior Leaders Pave the Way to Engagement

  • How to Handle Difficult Questions with Confidence

  • How to Engage and Retain Millenials

  • Why Women Should Negotiate

  • Branding Matters

  • Outsourcing

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Growing Your Business




  • Health & Wellness Coaching:  Benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, how to read labels, etc.

  • Food:  What's in it for you?

  • ADD, Depression, & Anxiety:  How what you eat can make a difference

  • The Myths About Plastic Surgury

  • OCD:  How to have a better life and live with it (depression, anxiety, etc.)

  • Diets:  Which are the best and worst for you?


Personal & Self-Improvement


  • Estate Planning, Wills, and Elder Law

  • Changeology:  Realizing Your Goals

  • Time Management:  For Adults and Students (high school & college)

  • How to Find Work Life Balance

  • How to Handle Mistakes

  • Bitcoin:  What is it, and should you invest?


More topics added daily!

Presentation Topics
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